Mencari-cari kerja. Dimanakah? :)



GOD, I pray to YOU to forgive my Sayang for his sins .
I pray to YOU to give peace of mind to my Doremon .

I’m the cause of his misery .
I made him to fall sick everyday .
I made him sad .
I made him cried .

GOD , I please fulfill this humble sinful person ’ s doa for my Sayang .
p/s : tidak menjadi ape - ape salah kalau kite mendoakan orang lain . 
Even kita bukan dia punya . Dan dia bukan kita punya .
The word SAYANG in this entry means a lot to me . I ' ve 
used to that word . Who cares ? Trying to forget someone 
I love is like trying to remember someone I never know . 


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