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letting you go NMRBMR

Im sorry for all my mistakes . im sorry cause can't make you happy . im sorry cause its me that makes theres no more love between us . im sorry cause its me that makes you cant forgive me . im sorry cause thre's nobody can force me . im sorry cause im like this . im sorry cause i cried all day long . im sorry causei'd despair at last . im sorry i have to let you go . 
im sorry . i give you your heart back . ♥
* ayat sendiri tidak copy dari mane-mane site

agak sedih nak taip ttg benda ney . tp dear blog , you are my diary . one of my important date . lost my love . yes , i do have everything dulu , dan sekarang , i have to let something special in my life go .

pa , ma mintak maaf . ma tak boleh nak tulis banyak2 . ma doa pa happy lepas ney . we're not meant for each other . ma undor diri . panjang umo kite jumpa lagi :')